What do I need to open an account with you?

Fill out an application form, provide photo ID and proof of address. You will need to come in person as we are unable to accept applications online or over the phone. You can download the form and read about the documents you will need to bring with you in the sign up procedures.

Is your business regulated?

Yes the business is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) for the purposes of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing. Our certificate number is 484934. We take this seriously and comply fully with the relevant authorities.

Are my valuable safe with you?

Keeping your valuables safe and secure is our first and top most priority. Your valuables are stored with us in a highly secure environment that is alarmed and monitored 24 hours/7 days a week.

Whether you are storing cash, jewellery, documentation, sentimental possessions or anything else, your possessions are kept in a box locked away in your own assigned safe deposit locker which is housed in a strong room (i.e vault). Only authorised persons have access to the room. Only you have access to your locker. Access to the vault is allowed by registered persons via a security chamber that requires biometric and personalised pin verification. We do not retain a key to your locker.

Our security officers constantly monitor access to and from the vaults. Customer privacy is ensured by the provision of private cabins where you can take your box and review your possessions before replacing them back into your locker.

What happens if I lose my key or access card to the safe deposit box?

If you lose your key or your card then you must inform us immediately so that access to your safe deposit locker can be blocked while replacements are issued.

When you open your account with us, we will issue you with two identical keys. We do not hold a key to your locker. If you have lost one key the other spare key can still be used to open your locker. However, if you have lost both keys then the lock will need to be broken for you to gain access. You will need to make an appointment with us so we can arrange for our engineer to drill open the locker and fit a new lock in your presence. This service will incur a charge of £246.

If you have lost the Biometric Photo ID card then a new one will need to be issued to you. Please contact our office for this. A card replacement service will incur a charge of £15.

How do I renew or cancel my contract with you?

One month before the expiry of your contract we will contact you by email or letter, inviting you to renew. You can renew in person or over the phone using your credit card, debit card or by online bank transfer. If you do not wish to renew then simply empty the locker and return both keys and your Biometric Photo ID card to us and we will refund your key deposit.

Are my valuables insured?

No they are not. We have no way to determine the value of your contents due to our policy of ensuring customer privacy. Therefore we are not in a position to advise you on safe deposit box insurance. We are also not qualified to advise on or sell insurance. However, you can purchase insurance from various brokers who specialise in providing cover for safe deposit boxes. More information is available on our Insurance page.

What happens in the event of my death?

In case of the death of the account holder, where there is no other authorised person on the account, full access is only available once the estate has been granted probate. To grant any kind of access we will need to see relevant documentation. As individual circumstances may differ, each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis with any legal and administration costs borne by the customer’s estate. Read our third party access procedure

Why should we trust you?

Bank House Lockers Ltd while being a new state of the safe deposit centre located in Wembley, West London, is part of the Bank House franchise that has been providing safe deposit lockers for over 30 years. Our intent is simple. The provision of a large range of lockers housed in the securest environment to meet varying customer needs, accessible 6 days a week, provided on a cost effective basis and thereby providing a first class service to the community.

Why not use a bank?

Majority of the banks are no longer providing this service or are in the process of shutting it down as it is not a part of their core business. This is resulting in higher charges, limited space and reduced access hours. Read “Death of the bank safety deposit box” on the BBC.

Since this is our only business, we provide you with a friendly, highly secure, quality service. We give you the freedom and peace of mind to access your safe deposit locker during long opening hours, in a comfortable, environment where you have the privacy to manage the contents of your safe deposit box.

Can other people access my box?

Only registered persons can access a locker and its contents. We allow up to a maximum of three people to operate an account. Two account holders and one nominee. If you are not one of these three persons then please read our third party access procedures.

What can be stored in my locker?

You can store anything that has been legally and lawfully acquired by you. It does not need to belong to you but you should have the right to access it and store it in your locker. This can be cash, jewellery, property deeds, legal documents, wills, rare coins, share certificates, back up disks, insurance contract, etc.

You are not permitted to store anything illegal or dangerous like drugs, weapons, explosives, gas canisters, or liquids of any kind. You are also not permitted to store anything that has not been legally acquired by you.

Can I have some privacy when accessing the contents of my locker?

Yes. We provide private cabins to allow you to access and manage the contents of your valuables. The inside of the vault is monitored by CCTV but not the private cabins.

Can I access my contents quickly in case of an emergency?

Our process is very easy and simple whilst being completely secure. You don’t need to book an appointment. Book an appointment and come into our office during business hours, and use the standard security procedure to access the locker. You can get access to the contents of your locker within a few minutes of your arrival.

How often can I access my safe deposit box?

As often as you like. There is no restriction on the number of times in a day, week or month that you can operate your safe deposit box.

What are your opening hours?

Please refer to our homepage for the opening hours.