To gain access to your safe deposit box you must go through a series of the security procedures that are designed to protect you and your valuables.

To enter the premises and the vault area

Only authorised persons are allowed to enter the premises by announcement and control entry.

Entering the vault area is via a multi layered process using biometric and personalised pin/card protocol. These procedures ensure that only authorised customers can gain access to the vault areas.

To open the locker

Once you are inside the vault area, identify your locker and use your unique high security key to open it and remove your safe deposit box. You can use the private cabin to access the contents of your box in complete privacy without having to declare the contents to us.

When finished

When you are finished, put the box back into its locker, lock it with your unique security key and come out through the exit.


For your safety there is a 24×7 CCTV monitoring of the vault area but not of the private cabins where you will access the contents of your box giving you the privacy you need.

Lost keys or cards

If you have lost your key or biometric photo ID card then please contact our Customer Services team so that we can reissue these to you. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.