Security Features

Safeguarding your valuables is of paramount concern to us. Your valuables are custodied with us in a highly secure environment that is alarmed and monitored 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Entrance security

  • Anyone entering the premises has to first pass through the main door where Staff will only allow authorised entry to the building.

Identity validation

  • Only authorised persons can enter the security chamber where personal biometric information is validated.
  • Once identity is confirmed on our system the customer is allowed to enter the vault area.

Vault security

  • The strong room vault has been built and fitted by ROBUR AB of Sweden who are widely regarded as world leaders in vault strong room manufacturing.
  • The vault is certified to the highest European standards.

Locker Security

  • Once inside the vault you can access your locker.
  • The lockers have been independently tested and certified by the Swedish Fire and Security Authority.
  • All lockers are fitted with electrical locks released by a multiple layered system.

Ongoing Surveillance

  • Bank House security personnel constantly monitors all movements and actions of everyone in the premises and within the vicinity outside using advanced surveillance systems while in constant contact with the Police and law enforcement agencies.