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Burglars are really active during Christmas

There is one group of people who never take any rest over Christmas. Its burglars and not Santa’s little helpers. Christmas is bumper Burglar time. Even as Covid restrictions make family get-togethers smaller this year they’ll continue to target your home and your most cherished possessions.

Caught off guard

Perhaps your home will be unoccupied for a few days. If you are home, you might leave the front doors open while you unload deliveries and take the tree in. Burglars may be watching your house and will be ready to pounce.

With so much to do during the festive period it’s easy to drop our guard. But it’s vital we don’t relax too much and give burglars the best Christmas they could wish for.

Have a safe Christmas

With your jewellery, gold and other valuables in the safe keeping of Bank House Lockers you really can have a Silent Night and a lovely safe Christmas.

Not everyone keeps Christmas as a religious festival. However, most people probably want to mark the end of a very difficult year and hope next year is better. We wish you and yours a very happy Christmas however you’re keeping it.

Keep your valuables safe with us

Protect your valuables Bank House Lockers offers you a secure home for your valuables. It’s even more important at Christmas to make sure your most prized possessions are kept safe. We offer you the most modern, up-to-date security facilities at an affordable price so you can have a happy, peaceful, Christmas.

We are one of the largest and safest safe deposit centres in the UK and offer a variety of lockers to keep your valuables safe.

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