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frequently asked questions

Please read our frequently asked questions for the most common queries. If you question is not answered below then please get in touch with customer services team and they will be able to help you.

Contract Terms and Conditions

How long can I access the locker for?

You have 15 minutes to access your locker whilst inside the vault. This is usually enough for a large majority of our customers. If you need longer then please let our Customer Services Team know in advance.

Do I need to disclose the contents of my locker?

No, you do not need to disclose the contents of your lockers.
Please note that you are not permitted to store anything illegal or dangerous items like living organisms, drugs, weapons, explosives, gas canisters, or liquids of any kind. You are also not permitted to store anything that has not been legally acquired by you.

Can I change my locker size?

You can change your locker size at any time you want. You will have to pay the difference if your new locker is larger than the existing one. This amount is calculated on the yearly rental difference on a pro-rata basis. We do not issue refunds if you downsize your locker.

How many people can access my locker?

Up to 3 persons can be registered on any account to access the locker. This can be one principal account holder and two additional persons or two principal account holder and one additional person. Only registered persons will be allowed inside the vault.

Are you following the COVID guidelines?

Yes, we have adapted our business in line with Government regulations throughout the pandemic. You can read more about our current practice on our dedicated COVID page.

Is the jewellery valuation service provided by Bank House Lockers?

The jewellery valuation service is provided by Prestige Valuations on our premises. Please get in touch with our Customer Services team at the branch if you want to use this service.

What happens in the event of death?

In case of the death of the account holder, where there is no other authorized person on the account, full access is only available once the estate has been granted probate. To grant any kind of access we will need to see relevant documentation. As individual circumstances may differ, each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis with any legal and administration costs borne by the customer’s estate. Read our third party access procedure.

What if I lose my key or access card?

If you have lost your key or your card, you must inform us immediately so that access to your safe deposit locker can be blocked while replacements are issued.
You are issued with two identical keys at the time you open your account with us. We do not hold a key to your locker. If you have lost one key the other spare key will still open your locker. However, if both keys are lost then the lock will need to be broken for you to gain access. You will need to make an appointment with us so we can arrange for our engineer to drill open the locker and fit a new lock in your presence. This service will incur a charge of £246. All principal account holders will need to be present during this appointment.
If you have lost the Biometric Photo ID card then a new one will need to be issued to you. Please contact our office for this. This service will incur a charge of £15.